Join us:

We are a young dynamic international team with a great huger for discovery! We provide a melting pot environment of curiosity, enthusiasm, fun and ambition to do top science. Our goal is to provide each team member a thriving experience of eureka moment. We offer the frame so you could paint your magic picture of the secret world of life. We expect your full commitment to investigate YOUR scientific questions collaborating with other team members.

Our motto: “Each one of us can make a discovery. Together we will make a breakthrough!”

We expect
from each member:

- Conduct well-designed experiments to address ambitious problems

- Communicate and disseminate your findings

- Support each other and collaborate on your projects to achieve maximum scientific potential


Mentoring is central to our vision, so each team member is guided in experimental design, data analysis, project delineation, scientific communication, grant writing, time management, and leadership that will prepare you for your future endeavors.


We are looking for highly motivated and creative students and postdocs with a background in cell biology, metabolism or physiology who are committed to advance their career in science. If you are interested in joining us, please email the following information to :

- Letter of motivation explaining:

What motivates you in science

What scientific question intrigues you the most today and how do you propose to address it

How you want to contribute to our lab

Where do you see yourself in future and what you expect to achieve through training in our lab

- Full CV

- Contacts of 2 references

We look forward to hearing from you!